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A monster bike and much more

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So…what do you do when those 4” tires on your Surly Pugsley just don’t seem wide enough anymore? You have no choice but to built your own monster bike like the one show here (found via Marcus Santiago on Google +). If those tires don’t seem wide enough, you can always use a dragster tire in the rear…just make sure you have the legs and the gearing to start it rotating. And of course, there is always the tractor tire option for those who think that car tires are a bit too wimpy.

Also by way of Marcus Santiago is this video of trials rider Martin Ashton doing some pretty impressive trick riding on a Raleigh Avanti Team Carbon road bike. Notice that he is in the drops most of the time too…pretty impressive! I just wonder if a single frameset was used throughout the video. Regardless, I wouldn’t try this at home with your $5,000 race machine.

Here is a use for a vintage bike that you have probably never seen before. Benjamin Bullins used one as a sink pedestal in a custom bath installation. Pretty cool…and the use of the basket as a spot for towels is a nice touch! Via re-nest.

VeloNews is posting excerpts from the book Italian Racing Bicycles this week. I love this picture of Professor Dal Monte holding the original drawing of his design for Francesco Moser’s hour record bicycle. The VeloNews piece doesn’t go into much detail…but this picture alone gives me reason to pick up a copy of the book.


Speaking of books, the Bicycle Portraits project is almost headed to print. As their website explains, “Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler have spent the last 2 years cycling over 6000 kilometers to collect over 500 portraits of everyday commuters throughout South Africa.” You can see one of the portraits here, and many more on their Kickstarter site, where you can pre-order the complete set of 3 books.

The San Francisco Bike Expo 2011 took place last weekend, and Cyclelicious has some pictures from Saturday’s Pedal Savvy bicycle fashion show that are worth checking out.

Finally, I want to mention the limited edition line of bike themed t-shirts and posters by Thomas Yang. As the name of his website implies, only 100 copies of each design will be released.  A couple of the designs are already sold out, but check out the site to see what is available. Nice work, Thomas!

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  1. Axel November 20, 2011 at 11:10 am -  Reply

    I like the Art Deco styling of the one on the left, but the right one looks cheap and odd!

  2. Brian Miller December 14, 2011 at 9:11 pm -  Reply

    Giant tires are often a performance improvement. Up to a limit.


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