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A Red Dot Award for the Gocycle G2

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Gocycle G2 foling electric bike- a 2015 red dot award winner
The Gocycle folding electric bike was first mentioned on Bicycle Design in early 2009. At the time, its clean design with a fully enclosed drivetrain seemed quite innovative. Six years later, the latest Gocycle G2 is still an innovative design, which is why it was recently awarded a 2015 Red Dot prize for Product Design (one of more than 10 design awards since it received an igus Gold Manus Award in 2006).

The G2 was designed and developed by former McLaren engineer Richard Thorpe, and he explains that the bike was strongly influenced by automotive engineering principles.

“As a designer, the end result of your work is defined by the product’s DNA – the building blocks. A no-compromise mind-set in the choice of materials, production processes, and total component integration so that all parts work and fit together is what sets the Gocycle G2 apart; it has more in common with a car than a bicycle.

 Materials choices and construction processes expand the possibility for a designer to come up with different creative solutions. Gocycle’s fluid form is a result of my choice to work with different materials such as lightweight and exotic magnesium alloy. Using an injection metal molding process for the construction of the frame and wheels yields smooth and naturally flowing lines in the form. The weight is balanced, the power is balanced, central and dynamic from a visual perspective – and you feel this too when you ride an electric Gocycle.”

Due to Thorpe’s material choices, the G2 is lightweight for a folding electric bike…only 16kg (about 35 lbs).  If you are carrying the folded bike up and down stairs daily or taking it onto a crowded commuter train, the lighter weight is a benefit, as is the lack of a messy exposed chain.

For more information about the G2, visit the Gocycle website, and check out this video review from Electric Bike Report.
Gocycle G2 foling electric bike- a 2015 red dot award winner

Gocycle G2 foling electric bike- a 2015 red dot award winner

Gocycle G2 foling electric bike- a 2015 red dot award winner

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1 Comment

  1. pierre September 21, 2015 at 5:15 am -  Reply

    I could test ride the Gocycle at Eurobike but I was disappointed by several things for a top of the shelf electric bike:
    – The pedal assist isn’t as powerful, smooth and responsive as you’d expect on a bike with this outrageous price tag (4300$ to 4999$)
    – The bike has 2 motors and the gearing front one, located in the front wheel hub is clearly hearable when the engine is running. Maybe this unpleasant “cheap sounding” noise is partly masked in busy trafic , maybe it can help pedestrians hear you coming and be more careful when crossing, but when riding on a countryside road, all you’d like to hear is the sound of the wind in your hears.
    – Also this super expensive bike come with the cheapest plastic pedals on earth… but that’s ok, they are reliable and you can always change them.

    Can an unpleasant noise be considered as a design flaw? In my opinion it does; even mores for a bicycle.

    Car manufacturers know that very well and they make sure that the noise of a shutting door is pleasant and reassuring to hear. The industry even employs aural designers as sound has become part of car (and motorbikes) branding.

    The fact that the Gocycle nevertheless obtained a major design award shows (once again) that the juries tend to focus too much on the appearance and “futuristic lines” rather than on the actual functionality of the products.

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