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Min keun Kwon’s &B bike beam projector

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Min keun Kwon’s “&B bike beam” is a pretty interesting design concept. Basically, it’s a projector that connects to your bicycle and uses your smartphone to project graphic images, videos, or information.

At first glance, the &B reminded me of LightLane, and similar concepts that project a virtual bike lane or sharrow next to the cyclist. That’s one feature of Kwon’s concept, but it has several other potential uses that you can see in the images below.  The navigation idea in particular is quite interesting. I also like the idea that it could be used as a standard projector for videos (or even design presentations).

See several additional images of the concept in Min keun Kwon’s Behance portfolio.  He actually has two different versions of the projector- the original projector version can be found here and a laser version with optical lenses is shown here. Both are pretty interesting, and while I like the styling of the second version, the video projection feature of the first one is what really appeals to me.

What do you think? Does this seem like a product that you might want to use, and if so, which version?

&B bike beam projector (1)
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  1. Lawrence February 11, 2015 at 9:57 pm -  Reply

    Trying too hard to project something bright onto a black projector screen call asphalt instead of directly into someone’s eye…

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