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  1. Impossibly Stupid says

    Very pretty, but looks very heavy and all the extras scream very expensive. I also find it hard to believe that a small motor and battery will be sufficient to power it. And that front rack better be strong enough to carry a person, because I imagine many people will be begging for rides!

  2. Ricky says

    Looks great. Think you could bodge something similar together using the sistema noomad converter and a bike of your choice (I’d probably pick the tonaro compy) to create something very similar.

  3. Thomas says

    As someone in the design profession, this trike is a wonderful concept in innovative and forward ideas. However, being that I am the typical American that is ~ 40lbs over weight, I have to (sort of) side with Impossibly Stupid; the electric assistance not only adds to complexity of the trike but validates how much we refuse to do any real work. I say this as someone who rides to work Mon-Fri and does most of my shopping with my trusty commuter.

  4. 4REEE says

    Awesome concept!

    I stopped going to car shows because I got sick and tired of seeing the coolest concept cars imagined, but NEVER seeing them come to life in the following years. I hope production of this trike becomes reality.

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