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Two interesting bike documentaries in the works- The Outsider and Bicycle

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If you are interested in bicycle design and innovation (and if you are reading this blog, most likely you are), there are two documentaries coming soon that you will definitely want to see.  First is ‘The Outsider : Graeme Obree’s story, in his own words’ by David Street of Journey Pictures, a project that  was successfully funded on Kickstarter a couple days ago. I have mentioned Obree on the blog several times, particularly in the run up to his speed record attempt at Battle Mountain this year. Like many others who followed cycling in the early 90s, I was fascinated by Obree’s  DIY approach to engineering the minute I saw his original “Old Faithful” track bike. I have great respect for him as an athlete, and more importantly as a designer/problem solver, so I can’t wait to see this film when it is released in the summer of 2014. The first promo video for the film can be seen in the embedded link above. See the Journey Pictures website, and David Street’s personal Vimeo page for more.

Mike Burrows is another bike designer whom I greatly admire (and have often mentioned here at Bicycle Design), so I was happy to see him featured in a promo video for another UK based documentary project titled ‘Bicycle The Film’. You can see Burrows discussing innovation (or lack thereof) in cycling the video above, and check out the website, Facebook page, and Twitter account, to learn more about the project. They also have an  Indiegogo campaign underway to raise money, so take a look, and help them out if you are so inclined.

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