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  1. Eric Whiting says

    Fantasticly simple!

  2. Vincent says

    I’m very enthusiastic about these two bicycles: two original (almost opposite!) frame designs. I checked some pictures from the NAHBS: a LOT of nice bicycles, but I feel like these two could have been part of them and bring some fresh air!

  3. Indrek says

    Viks was spotted in Velodroom teaser video:

  4. Byron says

    Cause your bent and twisted tubular design doesn’t have to succumb to mundanities of shifting or braking components. Weight doesn’t concern your buyers either, until the first rise in the road.

  5. " Bicycle Mark" Perkins says

    Although I suppose I could be described as old school, these designs are interesting enough for me to want to see more.

  6. Lance Bumstrong says

    Looks like a beast (First bike) – a well designed one at that !

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