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  1. Nick F. says

    This is spectacular.

  2. Androo says

    I wonder how it was made. Is it hollow? CNC-machined in two parts and bonded?

    It’s absolutely gorgeous, in any case. I just wonder if it’s any good.

  3. Tirapop says

    Where did you come across those pics?

    • James Thomas says

      Yojiro sent them to me. Submitted work directly from designers is always welcome here.

  4. pierre fabre says

    Yojiro managed to keep an elegant and dynamic look, which is amazing when using wood. Any idea of the weight?

  5. Yojiro Oshima says

    Thank you for your comments.
    This proposal is about the shape of the frame and the handle mainly which doesn’t concern what material it’s made out of. The maximum comfort can be put into practice by wood.

    It is all hand made. The down tube and seat tube are hollowed with plenty of thickness left not to disturb the surface when planed too much. As a result, it weights about 14kg in total. The thickness is uncertain though, I guess it’s about 6-12mm. It is bonded the half and half into one.

    • Tirapop says

      Beautiful bicycle! We would love to see more pictures, especially construction to see how this was done.

  6. Bubba Nicholson says

    The wheels are made similarly to those of ancient Egyptian design, except spokes were increased to six from four.

  7. Sprockets says

    As this concept is essentially a sculpture I can understand some of the shortcomings. That aside though this design is that of a time trial bike that no one is going to ride for comfort riding. And the conflicting points of the comfort of wood and the desire to have short chainstay/seatstay members for increased stiffness is confusing — more fleixble chainstays will make for a more comfortable ride. On top of this there is no front brake, no brake levers, no front derailleur (but there is an installed shifter), no cable routing, and the seat is pitching far too low. The trail on the fork is completely inappropriate for the frame though it would be at home a comfort cruiser. Beautiful, well-made, and crafted with love and passion, but very much lacking functional considerations. An no one wants a 14kg TT bike.

  8. Nuneh says

    Can I have one?

  9. Jake says

    The pedal spoils the whole look.

  10. EurApean says

    Aw this is amazing !

  11. Christophe says

    Houlala ! Magnifique !

  12. jr stoner says

    The wheels remind me of the Egyptian chariot wheels featured recently on PBS. They were also contrcuted in several parts, with a hub added at the center and bound together with a rim that held them in compression.


  13. Alexavier Zee says

    Hi Yojiro Oshima, Is it for sale? U can reach me at: Thank you.

  14. Bernardo says

    Amazing work and design. Does the seat really holds the weight? Incredible!

  15. Morpheous says

    Those forearm rests make so much sense integrated int the bars. NIce touch.

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