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Google Currents and other ways to connect with Bicycle Design

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Bicycle Design on Google Currents

Many of you may already subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed. If you usually read Bicycle Design from a computer or large tablet, a feed reader is probably the best way to be alerted when new content is available. Increasingly though, many of you are visiting the blog from smaller mobile devices.  I don’t know the exact breakdown of phones vs. tablets, but overall about 17% of this site’s traffic now comes from iOS or Android devices (not to mention the 1% that comes from Blackberry and Windows Phones).  Viewing the blog on a small screen is not ideal, but now, if you use Google Currents on your phone or tablet, you can subscribe to Bicycle Design there as well. If you don’t use Currents, I encourage you to check it out. It is a great way to see news and other content all in one place on your phone.

While I am posting about a new way to connect with Bicycle Design, I will list the other ways as well. There is a Bicycle Design page on Google +, and also a G+ community where members can directly share designs and post links that they find interesting. You can also find Bicycle Design on Facebook, where you are welcome to share links directly on the wall. Last but not least, you can follow and interact with Bicycle Design on Twitter (and you can follow my personal Twitter account too if you are interested in general design related content).

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  1. Graeme March 14, 2013 at 6:32 am -  Reply

    Any idea if you can use Google Currents on your Desktop as well?

    With the impending withdrawal of Google Reader I’m looking for something that I can use within Google Chrome

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