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Development of the new Orbea Ordu time trial bike

Road Bike 1 1819

Ronan Bariou is a product designer for Orbea, and his Behance portfolio page provides a glimpse into the design work that goes into bikes from the company.  The latest project that he has uploaded is the new 2013 Orbea Ordu time trial bike, and he shares some of the sketches and CAD models from the design and development process. You can see a few of the images below, but check out his ORDU III project page to see several more.

Ronan’s personal website also has some interesting development images, like this sketch from the Alma mountain bike, or this rendering page from the Orca road frame.  I can’t link to them all, but I encourage you to click around and explore the projects section of his site. It is always fun to get a glimpse into the development process of products that we are all familiar with, so I appreciate the fact that Ronan is willing to share some of the design work that goes into Orbea’s bikes.

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