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DIY electronic shifting

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  1. Bubba Nicholson says

    I just hope that electronic shifting is smart, that shifts are sequential rather than based upon the rider selecting which cog goes where like current manual systems do. Automatic electronic shifting should also be easily turned on and off until the computer learns the riders habits and routtes. “Up Up2 Up Down Up2″ why not optimize shifting to terrain via GPS? Auto brake for street lights, signs and signals, blind spot watching, auto turn signals, auto brake lights, etc. Electronics do not require much power and there is much good that they can do bicycle riders.

  2. Kimmo says

    DIY Di2!

    It’s got pure win written all over it!

    Well, maybe on one part, where it doesn’t have heartache, endless teething and fail written on it.

    You’ll need to put your thinking cap on, particularly for the front derailleur.

    As for automatic shifting, I’m pretty sure GPS alone won’t cut it; that’s optional. IMO you need something to sense incline, wind speed, and, expensively, power output.

  3. darklite says

    Servo specs now located at:

    Don’t know if this is the optimum choice in torque or power control (analog versus digital). Will be researching this further…

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