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Opposite ends of the design spectrum

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I didn’t spend much time on the web this past week as I was traveling, but one bike that I saw featured at Yatzer Design did catch my attention. The handbuilt steel Italia Veloce Magnifica fixie, with its chromed lugs and traditional flat fork crown, is definitely rooted in traditional Italian framebuilding. Details like the minimalist handlebar/stem combo and the riveted head badge and top tube plate definitely give the bike a distinct personality though. I especially like the contrast of the clean, v-shaped bars with the traditional Brooks Swallow saddle. Check out the Italia Veloce products page to see more pictures of the Magnifica, and the three other fixed gear models that they offer.

This organic, curvy, hubless rendered bike concept by Chinese designer Liu Chien Sheng is far from minimalist or traditional. I like the idea of the LED lighting integrated into the frame, but overall this one is really just a styling exercise with many construction issues that would need to be addressed if it were to be prototyped. If you wish to see more slick renderings though, you can find them (appropriately) at the Reality Distorted blog.

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  1. mommus March 5, 2012 at 11:12 am -  Reply

    I never thought curvy, hubless bikes would ever look old-fashioned and contrived until I saw this post.

    The difference between these two bikes represents the difference between the future as it is imagined (swoopy, tech-filled, esoteric) and the future as it alomst certainly will be (evolution and refinement of familliar well-proven designs)

    I guess all progression is positive though, whether it be in the imagination or constructed in real steel

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