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2011 recap for Bicycle Design

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Images from popular posts at in 2011I finally had a chance to review this site’s stats from 2011, so it’s time for another year end recap post. Continuing the trend from 2009 and 2010, Bicycle Design’s traffic seems to be growing slightly. Google Analytics reports just over a million total pageviews (1,138,282) for the blog during 2011 from 191 different countries. The top referring site for the year, sending nearly 40% of all visitors, was still the old BicycleDesign.blogspot address, which now redirects to the new URL at Apparently, old links to the site are still sending a significant amount of traffic… or maybe there are just many readers who still have the old site bookmarked. Beyond the redirects from the old Blogger site though (and not including traffic from Google, Facebook, or Twitter), the top 15 sites which referred traffic to Bicycle Design in 2011 were:

  1. BikeRadar
  2. London Cyclist
  3. Gizmodo
  4. Fat Cyclist
  5. MocoLoco
  6. Interbike Times
  7. Wired
  8. GizMag
  9. Urban Velo
  10. BikeRumor
  12. Instructables
  13. EcoVelo ( a great blog that ended in 2011 and will be missed)
  14. People for
  15. Bicycling Magazine

The 15 most viewed posts in 2011 were also interesting to review. About half of the most popular posts from 2011 were actually older posts from 2010 (it is good to know that people are still reading some of those old posts). In order, the most viewed Bicycle Design posts for the year were:

  1. Shimano Alfine 11-speed
  2. Specialized McLaren Venge
  3. Rael: a road bike concept by Evan Solida
  4. The Smart ebike by Hussein Al-Attar
  5. Diesel/ Pinarello urban bike
  6. Learning bike concepts from TrekWorld 2012
  7. SR Suntour Swing Shock
  8. Picchio carbon bicycle by Nicola Guida
  9. Batavus BUB review
  10. Is TJ Tollakson the Graeme Obree of triathlon?
  11. Trimtab 3×3 recumbent trike
  12. E-bikes from Lexus and VW
  13. Forzer off-road handcycle by Marius Hjelmervik
  14. Urban Arrow- an electric assist bakfiets design
  15. Drymer: a Dutch electric assist trike

It is not too surprising that e-bike posts were popular again this year, though they did not dominate the list as they did in 2010. Overall, it seems like a good variety of bike (and trike…and quad) catagories showed up in the top 15 most viewed posts from 2011. But enough about the past year; now it’s time to see what 2012 will bring in the world of bike design. Whatever happens this year…look for it here.

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  1. Richard Masoner January 5, 2012 at 4:52 pm -  Reply

    Looking forward to more great stuff from you for 2012, James.

    Beyond search engines and social media, my top referrers were (in order): Cracked, London Cyclist, Urban Velo, Bicycle Design, EcoVelo, Bike Snob, Biking In LA, Bike Rumor, & Bike Portland. I feel a little bad that Cyclelicious didn’t make the top 10 in your list of referrers — I need to work harder at sending links your way! 🙂

    • James Thomas January 5, 2012 at 5:06 pm -  Reply

      Thanks, Richard! It’s interesting to see your list. Cracked, huh? That is a strange one for the top spot.

      By the way, Cyclelicious was 17th on my list, so you were close to being one of the top 15 referrers to Bicycle Design (and I do always appreciate the links). This list was definitely skewed by sites like Gizmodo, Wired, MocoLoco, and Instructables that send massive amounts of traffic with a single mention. As far as I know, all of that Bike Radar traffic came from a single post as well.

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