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Cargo bikes from Johnny Loco

JP Magis, the Design Director for Johnny Loco in Amsterdam, mentioned one of the company’s cargo bikes to me recently. At a weight of 28 kilos (just under 62 pounds), the aluminum frame bike is lighter than many similar cargo designs on the market. I like the way the shape of the frame tubing carries over to the cargo area in front, so I thought I would pass the image along. The bike comes in a few configurations, one for small kids, one with a full pod, and one with an open ‘bakfiets style’ box. While you are on the site, check out some of their other cargo bikes , cruisers, and delivery bikes as well.

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  1. Nick F says

    Wow, those bikes are amazing.

    I love that they take a somewhat whimsical design approach while also fixing many of the problems associated with a traditional bakfiets design. The huge tubes supporting the top of the cargo are definitely going to stiffen up the steering column significantly, and the rollers on the bottom of the kickstand remove a wear-point that many expensive, dutch-made bakfiets haven’t even fixed.

  2. Ross Nicholson says

    A small hammock only needs two attachment points and could be a highly adaptable hauler.

    • Nick F says

      How do you think that would handle? Ever seen it done? I’ve always been curious, but suspect it wouldn’t be a great ride.

      • James Thomas says

        Yes, I can imagine a heavy swinging load might cause some difficulties in turns, but it would be an interesting idea to prototype. I don’t recall ever seeing a bike like that, but I have ridden with a heavy unsecured bag that definitely adversely affected handling as it shifted. I suspect you could secure the load laterally as well, but a fixed container serves the same purpose, doesn’t it?

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