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City Cycle- a pedal-powered pub

City Cycle- a pedal powered pubWhat happens when you ask a rocket scientist to build a bicycle? Well…apparently, you get the City Cycle, which at first glance looks like a cross between the Hopsworksfiets beer bike and a city bus. Casimir Sienkiewicz and his team at Caztek Engineering usually work on projects for the aerospace or medical industries, but they jumped at the chance to design and build a 14 passenger “pedal-powered pub” which will be used by City Cycle Tours of St. Petersburg Florida for tours of the city’s historic waterfront.

Like Eric Staller’s Conference bike, the City Cycle relies on its passengers (10 out of the 14 in this case) to propel the vehicle. This is more than just a CoBi with a keg in the center though. The City Cycle was built using techniques similar to custom automotive construction, and Casimir points out that it is “tricked out with a keg, tap, in-floor coolers, beefy stereo system and dramatic LED lighting to provide a totally new lounge experience.” The designers incorporated “a low running-board-style deck as well as adjustable seat posts to accommodate a variety of heights and abilities. Also included are a grab-rail for the pedalers and a driver-forward design that creates an open deck for socializing.” OK, I am sold. I would love to take a ride on this thing (as long as I am not the designated driver).

City Cycle concept sketches
The design page on the City Cycles website features concept sketches and 3d models of the vehicle, which was prototyped digitally (in SolidWorks) prior to any metal being cut. Casimir explains that, “Many of the design elements were fabricated per our CAD design and bolted in place without changes, one of the advantages of digital prototyping.”

You can see videos of the City Cycle in action on Caztek Engineering’s Youtube channel and check out the City Cycle page on Facebook for more pictures. It really does look like fun…”the ultimate party on wheels” to quote the team at Caztek.

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  1. henro says

    Ive seen this done several different ways at Burning man :)

  2. AJ says

    Already very popular in Holland, please check:

  3. Jos Sluijsmans says

    The company that builds the dutch ‘bierfiets’, de Caféracer, also builds a bicyclebus for children. I will send some pictures separately.

  4. Mick Allan says

    How slow is it exactly? I’ve piloted ZEMs and Conference Bikes enough to know that the bigger they get the slower they go.

    Shame really. I’d love to see a few of these – ridden by real cyclists – race each other around a crit circuit!

    • James Thomas says

      I like the crit idea. I have ridden pretty fast on a conference bike with other riders before, but not around tight corners. The beer on the City Cycle would make the race more interesting too. The lighter that keg gets, the faster the team could go.

  5. YM Shamsi says

    James, How does one buy this. Need to know as I am interested in buying couple of them.
    Do contact me.

  6. Bruce West says

    I know there are other companies doing this. There’s one in downtown Nashville. Where does one go about purchasing one of these pedal-powered pubs?

  7. Cory Roehl says

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