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Eurobike Student Award Winners

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I briefly mentioned the Eurobike Student Design Awards in my previous post about the show. After seeing the photos of the 12 winners though, I thought it was worth pointing them out in a separate post. Four of the twelve awarded entries were from the E-bike category, not all that surprising considering the huge presence electric bikes had at the show (read Chris Matthews’ latest post for interesting commentary on that subject). The student designed e-bikes chosen by the jury were- Tribune by Florian Vecsey and Lukas Thüring, Joe Buzz by Johannes Zäuner, RinGo by Hang Hoon Choi and Sang Joon Lee, and Vorradler by Andrew Ayala,Yanping Chen, Nina Gerlach, Elena Kononova, Maria Leisch,José Luis Martinez Meyer, Enzo Peres, Evi Poxleitner, Franz Reel, Diana Schneider, and Henning Vossen.

Two other bikes were included in the top 12- Foldi-fi, a folding bike by Jungwoo Han and Ju Yeon Yoo, and Remex, a rowing bike by Jonas Villiger and Christian Schmid. A crankset by Robert Taranczewski was selected as the only component to recieve a student award.

The rest of the award winners were accessories, and a few of those were the ones I found to be the most interesting. You might remember Adiubik, a clipless pedal adapter by Christian Breig, from my last Eurobike post.

The Enos bike touring-tent by Fabian Furrer uses the bike (or 2 bikes) as a part of the support structure. I don’t know all the details, but it seems like an interesting idea for bike touring, where every bit of extra weight counts.

Lock Light by Boyeon Oh, Geunhyuk Yoo, and Seokho Hwang is another concept that I though was interesting. Combination products like that don’t always make sense, but a flashing LED cable lock seems like a pretty good idea for urban cycling. More visibility at night is always a good idea, right? Incidentally, that concept is also on the shortlist for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition.

Sling, by Nina Hoepfner, is another lock concept that fits into the bike’s handlebar.

Streetbeam, by Jungsoo Park and Hyemin Kim, is a GPS based navigation system that projects directional arrows on the pavement in front of you. Seems like an idea that would only work at night, but an interesting concept nevertheless.

Thanks to Torben from CykelPortalen, Denmark’s independent bicycle portal, for sending me photos and information about the award winners. He has some great coverage of Eurobike on his site. The content is in Danish, but I have found that Google translates it pretty well.

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