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Nice Suit!

I am just now getting some of yesterday’s photos from Interbike uploaded to my Flickr account. Take a look at my Interbike 2009 set here. Be sure to check back later too because there are many more shots to come.

The show has been fun so far. In addition to seeing many cycling products and bikes (and riding a few), I have enjoyed meeting and talking to quite a few interesting people. Here is a shot of me with one of those people, Gary Fisher, in front of the giant custom penny farthing that Torelli has in the center of their booth. Thanks to Carlton Reid by the way for introducing me to Gary. Carlton was another person who it was really great to see at the show. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet quite a few other fellow bloggers who I previously only communicated with online-Rich Kelly, Tim Jackson, David Bernstein, Herbert Krabel, Brad Quartuccio, and Jeff Guerrero just to name a few.

Many more pictures and some thoughts from the show to come. For now though, it’s time to get back in the show hall to see more.

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  1. Murray Elliot Breen aka 'surf-the-arts' says

    Great detailed pics – you should charge admission to your Flickr :)

  2. David S says

    Really nice gallery. Thank you.

  3. Pixelman says

    Not many recumbent bikes… Maybe next year…
    Thanks for all the pics !

  4. James says

    Glad you all like the photos. I am in the Vegas airport now, but I have about 150 more shots to post when I get home.

  5. James Graves says

    Thanks for sharing the photos. What did you think of the Nu Vinci internal hub planetary cvt? I'm in the process of designing an internal hub planetary cvt myself and recently stumbled upon the Nu Vinci.

  6. Human_Amp says

    ACE set of photos James.
    Almost like being there.

  7. Eric says

    James…Great gallery! Thanks for taking all the pictures for evrybody.

    Got a question for Human_Amp…Where can I get those curved handlebars for my Strida? I could use a little more reach…

  8. Web Design Toronto says

    its Really great blog post…

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