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Great deals at JensonUSA

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If you have been reading this blog for a while, you have seen the JensonUSA weekly deal ads in the top right corner. Watch that ad today, because Jenson has decided to move their annual “Parking Lot sale” from their back lot to their website this year. Normally, I don’t point out ads in a post, but they really do have some incredible deals on overstock and “scratch and dent” returned items right now. In fact, I already ordered some brakes for myself this morning. The sale started at 9am PST, and their website is currently running VERY slow due to all the increased traffic. Click here and be patient to see the deals; it is definitely worth the wait if you need anything for your bike.

Here is the official scoop on the sale from Jenson:

For nearly a decade JensonUSA has held a once a year sale to help sell Items that were returned and not sellable as NEW, and also to sell inventory that had been mishandled by various shipping methods. These Items are NOT damaged beyond use. They typically have superficial scratches, a small dent that does not affect performance, are missing original packaging, or were simply returned under our 30 day return policy and are perfectly fine.

These Sales were typically held on the premises in our back lot. Giving us the ability to also select regular stocked Items and apply a single day discount below anything natural. Unfortunately we have become TOO popular, and our sales were drawing enormous crowds. So to handle that we are moving the sale online.

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