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BTWD, Di2, and more

Whew… it has been a very long day! I left my house at 5:00 AM to ride downtown and help set up for Greenville’s Bike to Work Day breakfast/ festivities. I was concerned about attendance due to overnight storms, but I think our BTWD event went pretty well. We had a nice ride led by the Mayor on some of the city’s new bike paths and lanes followed by a breakfast gathering where we gave away some really great prizes donated by local bike shops. Those of you who are interested can take a look at my pictures from the ride and local events this morning. If that is not enough, and you want to see another photo from Bike Month here in Greenville, check out this shot taken last Saturday during a downtown public art tour that we did on the Conference Bike (I am the one in the driver’s seat, or “chair” position, or whatever you want to call it). By the way, a local bike shop, TTR Bikes, owns the CoBi that we were riding, so I will mention that they have a new blog that is worth checking out.

Before I get too much more off track, let me quickly pass along a few links of interest.

Robb, from MTBby198, went to a Dura-Ace Di2 (electronic) product launch party held by one of his local bike shops, Outspokin’ Bicycles. He posted quite a few pics (one of which I used here) and shared his impressions of the group after a test ride. Take a look at his post here.

The folks at posted a video from a visit to the Zipp test lab, which is located in their Speedway, Indiana facility. The video discusses the importance of the in-house test lab to Zipp’s product development process. Take a look; it is pretty interesting.

Just for fun, check out the 20 photos of mutant bikes posted at Matador Life. Via Treehugger.

Finally, I will mention a post that is only tangentially related to bikes. Designboom posted recently about electric motorcycles and scooters. At first glance, a few of the scooter designs reminded me of some of the Chinese electrobikes that we have discussed on the blog before.

That’s all for now… I am ready to get some rest. Did I mention that it has been a long day? Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Robb Sutton (198) says

    Thanks for the link up on the Dura Ace Di2!

    It was pretty cool to throw a leg over that system, but it sure is expensive. The best part is that front derailleur…auto trimming.


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