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US Pro race photos

I finally got around to uploading some of my US Pro time trial photos to a Flickr set. Pictured here are three shots of Dave Zabriskie, Tom Danielson, and Christian Vande Velde from the race on Saturday. I should be able to get my road race photos uploaded soon and I will update this post when I do. Bear with me; after I finish playing around with all the pictures that I took this past weekend, I will get back to regular design related posts.

Updated 9/4: I posted my photos from the road race into a new set. In general, I think the time trial shots came out better, but there are a few good ones in the road set. Most importantly though, I am learning a lot each time I photograph a race. On that note, I just want to give a quick thanks to Ken, Olivier, and Clay who have helped me out with tips and advice as I have started to take more of an interest in photography. Shooting races is tough, but I also think it is addictive.

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  1. Luca says


  2. -p says

    DeRosa, Cannondale, Fuji, and now we see Cervelo. Man, Rock Racing carries more brands than your LBS.

  3. spokejunky says

    What camera setup were you using on those pics?

  4. Ron says

    Thanks James. Always a pleasure to see your pictures.

  5. James says

    -p, I was wondering about the Cervelo on Saturday before I saw the two Fujis in the road race on Sunday. I though meybe it was a borrowed bike or one he personally owned, but it did seem strange.

    Spokejunky, I have a Nikon D50- definitely low end as far as DSLRs so. I was using a cheap 70-300 5.6 zoom for all of these. I would like to get a better lens with a lower aperture, but they are pretty expensive. For now I’ll just keep pushing to do better with the equipment that I have.

    Thanks Ron and Luca, glad you like the shots. I still need to finish sorting the road race ones. maybe tomorrow.

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