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Eurobike opens today

The big European bike show, Eurobike, opened today in Friederichshafen, Germany and, according to BikeBiz, the show has more exhibitors this year than ever before- over 930. Cyclelicious posted recently about the opening of the show, and you can check that post out for more information and for a multimedia presentation of random images related to a search for “Eurobike.”

If any of you Bicycle Design readers are at the show, stop by the Pacific Booth (B1-108) or the Ming/Strida Booth (A5-407Q) to say hi to Mark Sanders. Pacific will be launching the IF (integrated folding) range of bikes to European trade/distributors and Ming / Strida.NL will have Strida5 and other models on show. Mark said that he would love to hear from readers of this blog who want to critique the bikes, suggest improvements, etc. If you just want to talk about cycling as a sport and as a utility, Mark would love to hear your views on that subject as well.

The picture shown above is not from Eurobike, but from the Fiets (Dutch for bicycle) show in the Netherlands. Core77 has a gallery of 100 images from the 100-day long exhibition that is happening now at Designhuis in Eindhoven. All kinds of bikes are represented in the photogallery, so take a look.

Finally, I will mention an interview with Trek Industrial Designer Michael Leighton about the District 96 concept bike (thanks to Fritz for pointing the link out to me). Michael was also one of the designers behind the Trek Stop concept, which you may remember from a recent post.

photo credit: Core77

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  1. Carlos says

    Can you tell us about the issues with the rims for the new iF Mode?

    Will we see a Strida with more than 2 speeds? or 20″ wheels?

    Is g-boxx the future of transmissions?

    BTW, I have 2 Stridas (3.2 and 5) ;-)


  2. jimmythefly says

    I found this flickr set from Eurobike, lots of photos, not so many captions.

    Carbon brake rotors, gearbox DH bikes, hydraulic shifters, at least 3 different Schlumpf-style 2-speed crankset/BB setups, and more ways to arrange full-suspension linkages than you can shake a stick at. Lots to talk about!

  3. James says

    Carlos, I forwarded your questions to Mark Sanders who is currently at the show. His wifi connection was spotty so he couldn't reply directly with his iphone, but here is what he had to say in response to your questions:

    "Yes pacific have tooled up a new light & strong 3 spoke dish wheel designed by Ryan Carroll their chief engineer (and owner of Astrix Sports). It is really awesome the wall thickness can go down to 0.8mm !! One dish x 4 used in a set. It is much better than the original Magnesium Alloy wheels.

    Yes shlumph and Ming have been working together – I'm not sure who approached whom – but the no cable heal change is a good match for Strida. Pacific like it too.

    As for G-box' systems … again Pacific's Ryan Carroll has been instrumental in developing about 12 of the systems out there !!! The bike with most publicity has been Diamondback."

    jimmythefly, thanks! great find. I'll check out all those pics.

  4. Yokota Fritz says

    You’ve found the MONKEY ELECTRIC ALLEYCAT CHECKPOINT. Thank you to James for his kind permission allowing this contest checkpoint.

    The contest officially begins Sunday morning September 7 — Bicycle Design is a popular blog so the next “stop” may not be up and visible just yet.

    Next stop: Bike as fast as you can to Columbus, Ohio!

  5. getinlost says

    Check in

  6. Heather says

    Checking in

  7. Steve Fuller says

    checking in. adding this site to my blogs I read as well

  8. Far Coded says

    Chequing Inn [grin]

  9. Bike Jax says


  10. GhostRider says

    Hi, James…great stuff, as always.

    Checkpoint 10 check-in

  11. John Calnan says

    Thank you, James. Alleycat checkpoint.

  12. Shane Rhodes says

    Check in… drafting.

  13. Joe says

    Alley cat check in (captinsano443)

  14. Anonymous says

    powaba says !t00w

  15. willow naeco says

    Eyes glazing over at the thought of 930 exhibitors.

  16. Adam Durand says

    Alley cat check-in.

  17. Adam Durand says

    What happened in Columbus? Post/comments deletion?

  18. Golborne says

    Vboxw #10

  19. Henry says

    alley cat looking for Fritz the cat.

  20. AG aka "Rocket" says

    my eurobike brand new shots
    on Flickr

  21. Major Icehole says

    Checking in, this is already on my regular read list.

  22. Gaylen Holt says

    Hope some good design improvements come out of it.

  23. The Stouts says

    Now Eurobike, thats my kinda bike show. Urban bikes galore!!!!

  24. scooter says

    Whew, long ride from stinson beach. Alleycat check yo.

  25. Nim Chimpsky says

    checkpoint! and I’m off!

    Love this blog too…

  26. agdrockstar says

    well hello there.
    I am here to check you out and check me in. done and done :)

  27. rae says

    great stop on the way…

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