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More wooden bikes

In response to my last post about wooden bikes, I received a few links from readers that I want to pass along.

Angel sent me the picture that you see here of a bike from Italy made by Tino Sano.

Murray spotted a similar Italian made wooden bike that was displayed on a Mediterranean cruise ship’s art gallery. He also pointed out a link to the designer’s site.

In a comment, Antii pointed out the work of Saku Holma. Check out the pictures and drawings of Saku’s bent wood recumbents. I really like a few of these.

Mr. Beattie mentioned the Renova wooden bikes, which were recently shown at NAHMBS in Portland. Unlike most of the wooden bikes that I post, these are actually for sale and available in the U.S. Read more about the Renova bikes here and here.

Finally, I’ll mention a book that I spotted in Velo Vision. The book Holzfahrrad im Eigenbau by Michael Heinzelmann tells you how to build your own wooden bike. You have to be able to read German though, so it wouldn’t do me much good.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Ron says

    This SakuHolma figure seems very much like an engineer. I was turned on by the drawings! Very nice designs. I presume he’s German?

    As far as wood goes, I’m not sure whether it’ll give that lively ride like steel. I’m all for it for making cheaper bicycles.

  2. bikesgonewild says

    …wow…saku holma is one ‘over the top’ cat…absolutely fascinating work that bears deeper perusal…

    …ron, i would think that not being constrained by the traditional tight dimensions of a diamond frame, that you would probably be able to engineer a ‘live’ feel into a wooden recumbent…
    …it would undoubtedly involve years of experimentation to really get it right, though…

    …only problem i can see is the need to grow a beard to ride a wooden tandem…itchy stuff…

  3. James says

    I assume that Saku Holma lives in Finland since Antii pointed out that he is from Alvar Aalto’s hometown. I liked the drawings a lot too. His work is very nice. I certainly am interesting in seeing more if his designs.

  4. bikesgonewild says

    …i just realized i said tandem while i was thinking recumbent…
    …i was told ya hafta grow a beard to ride a recumbent…status quo kinda thing…
    …but again, mr holma has a very creative & practical mind…

  5. Ron says


    You’re probably right, although wood is wood and its elastic modulus isn’t going to get any bigger.

    I cannot grow a beard, my better half will throw me out of the house. :)

  6. bikesgonewild says

    …ron…if you haven’t already done so, got to saku’s photos & click on niskatuki 1, second row, right photo…he provides a video link which addresses exactly what we’re talking about…the trike is actually named komsa…
    …follow it up on the second page of construction photos…the frame is like a big tapered rigatoni shell which you can see in the video, has a defined vertical compliance…
    …this is the guy who has those years of experimentation i was speaking of…i just hadn’t delved deep enough when i first looked at his work…
    …amazing stuff…

  7. Anonymous says

    Why wood?” is the first question I ‘am asked about the Bugabike bicycle.
    Is there enough laterial stiffness to provide an controled respondsive ride?

  8. Nick Taylor says

    Wooden bicycles are available from Xylonbikes starting at about 500 – 600 euros
    email or

  9. info says

    I use wood for to make a lite poor mans ecological vehicle, super! take a look st my blog at

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