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Glow in the dark Puma

By now, you have probably already seen the glow in the dark Puma Urban Mobility bike made by Biomega. Ron sent me a link to this slamxhype post a couple days ago, but I didn’t get a chance to post it. Since then, I have noticed that it is getting a lot of coverage on the web. Check it out here, here, here, here, and here just to name a few places.

For anyone who doesn’t remember, I want to point out that this is not the first glow in the dark bike frame from Biomega. They released the MN02, designed by Marc Newson, with a glow in the dark frame option in the late nineties if I remember correctly. I always thought it was a good idea, so I am glad to see them bring it back. If the attention this glowing bike is getting in the blogosphere is any indication, Puma should do pretty well with the latest version of their folder.

Since I am mentioning the Puma bike, I will go ahead and point you to this Cool Hunting post from last week. Some of you might think the bike suffers from sticker overload, but the proceeds go to a great cause.

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  1. jimmythefly says

    I’ve never had any glow-in-the dark product that lived up to the press shots. Only reflective or led-lit stuff seems to really show up, especially any place that isn’t actually pitch black.

    Love the integrated cable lock/disable system.

  2. Fritz says

    I missed that earlier post; I also missed the part where it’s a singlespeed. I need to work on my reading comprehension.

  3. Anonymous says

    this PUMA bike is not new

  4. bikesgonewild says

    …all the girls tell me i ‘glow’ after a good ride…
    …but then again, i like to leave a light on…

    …whoa, sorry…

    …i agree w/ jimmy tf that the lock system is clever as it stands…it obviously needs to be supplemented for any real safety…

  5. James says

    Jimmy, you are probably right. I doubt that the frame glows exactly like it does in this picture, but I still like the idea.

    Anon, No one said the bike was new, just the glow-in-the-dark finish. As I recall, the Puma UM bike came out around 2005. In fact, I mentioned it in a post about 2 years ago.

    …and yeah, bgw, the lock doesn’t look like it provides the highest level of security, but I think it is still a pretty good idea. As fixedgear noted on the Cyclelicious post, “The Slingshot-esque ‘downtube’ cable is put to better use” in this application.

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