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The ID annual design review

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This morning, I thumbed through the July/August issue of ID magazine. The 53rd annual design review issue recognized a few products from the bicycle industry. The jury liked the SRAM/RockShox PushLoc system (pictured here), in part because of its easy to use single button design. You press once to lock the lever in position, which locks out the suspension. Press the same lever again to release it. It appears that this design was collaboration between SRAM’s in-house design group and Design Integrity.

The Switchback LED light system, from Princeton Tech, was also recognized. The jurors like the “sleek aesthetics” of the light including the battery pack.

Sealline’s messenger bags were also mentioned because they are stylish and keep the contents dry in the wettest conditions.

In the concepts section, the Leaf bicycle saddle was chosen. The saddle looks like it is comprised of two side by side forms made of “compression molded Carbon fiber” with synthetic leather outer. I can’t find an image of the rendering online, but the design came from the team at Lunar Design.

While I am on the subject of magazines, check out the premier issue of the Practical Pedal (you can download a pdf on the website). Readers of this blog will probably recognize the article submitted by Michael Downes. There are several other good articles as well, so I encourage you to check out the first issue of the magazine.

For those of you who are reading from here in the U.S., have a great 4th of July tomorrow.

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  1. Wiley July 6, 2007 at 1:19 pm -  Reply

    Dude, when Michael sent me his bio, I totally forgot to add this blog to it.

    So my apologies for the slip. I’ll make sure to plug the blog in the September issue.

    I got an email from some guy who complained about Michael’s article because he’s never had _his_ shoelaces get caught on toe clips and can’t see how powergrips could be any better.

    It’s amazing what we gearheads will find to squabble over.

  2. James July 6, 2007 at 4:11 pm -  Reply

    No problem Wiley. I was just glad to see Michael’s article in the mag. I really enjoyed reading the first issue by the way.

    It is funny how we cyclists can be so passionate about the merits or deficiencies of different products for our bikes. I hear from skeptics fairly often about products that I post, but that is part of the fun.

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