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Update to the Kestrel/ Orbea post

In response to my “You be the judge” post, someone from Orbea USA left a comment pointing toward an open letter that was written jointly by the top executives at Orbea and Kestrel. Both companies feel that any similar elements on the frames are just coincidental. With the letter, they want to let the cycling public know that neither company believes that any copying took place. Also, it is worth noting that on the Core 77 message board, Slippyfish has removed his original post on this subject.

As some have pointed out, it is often hard to pinpoint the exact origins of a design idea. An anonymous commenter pointed out that, in this case, “there is no danger of mistaking the two frames.” I agree with that. Certain elements are very similar, but overall the frames look different. As I have said before, I like the way the graphic patterns on the Orca flow with the frame shape. To me the Orca has smoother lines than the edgier Kestrel frame.

Anyway, I appreciate the contact from Orbea and I just wanted to bring this letter to the front so that it is not buried in the comments.

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  1. Edu&Nano says

    Remove the post, why?

    It sounds like “strange”, don´t it?


  2. Edu&Nano says

    Great marketing shot for the Orbea/kestrel people


  3. Anonymous says

    both frames are made by martec in asia

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