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I am no expert when it comes to the subject of recumbents, but I am always interested in seeing new designs. Jack Dekker, the editor at Ligfiets, does know a lot about recumbent bikes and he recently shared a few interesting articles from his site with me. He pointed out a couple of interesting developments in the field of recumbents. The Nazca Paseo, pictured here, comes apart to fit in a suitcase. I think this bike looks pretty nice with the accessory streamlined case which is attached behind the seat in the picture. The Mistral Travel is another bike that fits in a small suitcase. I like the trailer that is shown for pulling the suitcase when you unpack it.

Also on Ligfiets, check out the shaft drive recumbent shown here (pictured at the bottom of the page). Another interesting recumbent that caught my attention can be seen here. OK, I won’t point them all out, but the site is worth checking out when you get a chance. If you have seen this site before, you will probably notice that more of the content is translated to English now. That is good news for those of us who can’t speak Dutch beyond the words fiets and bier. Thanks for the links Jack; great site.

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  1. Wilm January 6, 2009 at 12:32 pm -  Reply

    The bike in the picture is a Nazca Gaucho. The Paseo is a different model.

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