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A few quick links

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I saw a few bike bike related posts on various design blogs this week. This first one I heard about on the Spokesman #6 podcast (if you don’t already subscribe to the Spokeman podcast, I suggest you go to the site and do so). Opel is offering an integrated bike rack on its European Antara and Corsa cars. The rack holds two bikes and hides away behind the bumper when not in use. It is cool that Opel is offering an OEM bike rack and I think this is a nice clean design.

Elsewhere in the design blogosphere, we make money not art posted a tricycle design for kids in the hospital, Pan-dan posted an epoxy reinforced lace bike basket, and Cool Hunting posted a couple of Mercians designed by fashion designer Paul Smith.

Whew, that was quick, now I’d better get back to work.


  1. Anonymous November 4, 2006 at 11:18 pm -  Reply

    Just found your blog, and the Wear N’ Tear Black Hole concept wheels are a blast from the past.
    Whatever happened to :
    Lemond’s Mitubishi Flying V concept
    Harold Robinson’s Trimble Monocoque and aerobar
    Trimble X-frame
    Cunningham’s Praying Mantis
    Elevate chainstays on mtb bikes
    Holland’s 24 inch wheels on Paula Newby Fraser’s original tri bikes with the pedal extenders
    Mongoose’s monocoque tri-frame
    Huffy’s custom bike division that made Mark Allen’s tri-bike
    Miguel Indurain’s Pinarello monocoque Flying V design
    Viatchaslav Ekimov riding a Hotto with Scott Dropin bars with clip ons on the lower bars (do you have any pictures – I only ever saw this once and it was mindblowing)

  2. James November 9, 2006 at 5:10 pm -  Reply

    Wow that is quite a list. I have posted about a few of those items, but a few others would be good ideas for future posts.

    Speaking of Trimbles, have you seen the new generation prototypes?

    Apparently they are back in business, but I haven’t heard much about them since the beginning of this year.

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