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Interbike starts tomorrow

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I suspect that, like me, most of you will not actually be attending the 25th anniversary Interbike show this week. Luckily for us, this will be the best year yet to see the new bicycle products in Las Vegas from afar. Needless to say, I will be checking out all the mainstream media cycling sites for news and pictures from this year’s show. MTB Review and Cycling News are always two of my favorite sources to check during Interbike. Pez has been providing a few good Interbike 06 previews this year, so keep an eye on them as well. will have streaming video from each day of the show, so that is yet another source that you will not want to miss.

Of course, the best news for armchair Interbike followers this year is the number of bloggers who will be reporting directly from the show floor. Following is the list of blogs that I will be watching closely for live reports from the show:

Go Clipless– Yesterday, Graham was posting live from the first day of the outdoor demo. I saw his posts well before I saw reports from any other source. Watch this site if you are interested in the latest mountain bikes and related products.

Blue Collar Mountain Biking– With two people posting from the show, I am sure that this will be another good source of info about new mountain bike products.

Twenty Nine Inches– Based on what I have already seen on Go Clipless, Tim Grahl and Guitar Ted will have plenty to post about as they cover the latest developments on the “29er” front.

Crooked Cog Podcast– Tim Grahl is planning to do 15 podcasts a day. Wow, that’s a lot. I’ll be listening.

Cyclelicious– Just when you were starting to think that only mountain bike bloggers would be at the show, Michael will be there covering primarily the road side of things. If you have questions about anything related to Interbike, email him and he will try to answer them while he is in Vegas.

Masiguy– Tim should have a unique perspective to share. He is the first blogger on this list who also happens to be an exhibitor. He usually has something interesting to say and I suspect he might mention Masi bikes a time or two.

Neil at Road– Neil is the editor of Road Magazine. He will be blogging about “ the random stuff that goes on at the show.” Sounds pretty interesting.

Bike Hugger at Interbike– The Bike Hugger guys have a separate site for their Interbike coverage. Expect to see coverage of commuting bikes and other cool, transportation-oriented products

Interbike Times– I can’t forget the official blog of the show. Keep watching for updates as the show gets rolling

That is all I can think of for now, but I am sure that I missed a few. If you know of a bike blogger at the show whose site is not listed here, please add a link to the comments section of this post.

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