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Bicycle Painting live

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I just saw something interesting over at the Interbike Times blog. Artist Taliah Lempert, who paints portraits of bicycles, will be doing just that at the show this year. I have been a fan of her work since I first discovered her website many years ago. Last year, on a trip to New York, I wanted to go see an exhibit of her work that was taking place in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out. Since I won’t be in Vegas next week, I will miss this chance as well, but I encourage all of you who will be at the show to check out her work.

At Interbike, she will be in the Accelerade booth (#2425) painting the bikes of Gary Fisher and Davis Phinney. On Thursday the 28th, Accelerade will raffle off the paintings with the proceeds going to the Davis Phinney Foundation to support Parkinson’s disease research. Pretty cool. I commend Taliah, Fisher, and Accelerade for supporting a great cause in such a creative way. Don’t miss it if you are at Interbike next week.

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