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A quick post about Eurobike

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The 2006 Eurobike tradeshow is getting started right now in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Check out the website to see what is new at the show. While you are there, the “Design as an engine for the cycling industry” pdf document is worth a download. The document lists the gold and silver level winners of the second annual Eurobike award competition for outstanding product design.

The photo shown here is from last year’s Eurobike show. I don’t know much about the Onion bike except that it is obviously designed for downhilling (something else I know little about). I tried to learn more about the design on the website, but I couldn’t get the English version to work and I can’t read Italian. There are a few pictures of a carbon and aluminum version of the bike on the site. Interesting design; can anybody explain it to me?

Next week, I’ll try to post some of my photos from the US pro races. It looks like tropical storm Ernesto is going to make it a rainy race weekend here in Greenville, but I won’t let that spoil my fun. It is hard to predict spectator numbers with this being the first year since the race moved from Philly, but I am still hoping to see big crowds. If you live within driving distance of Greenville, come on. It is going to be a great weekend.

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