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Hotta time trial bike

One of the best things about writing this blog is that is gives me the opportunity to hear from people around the world who love bikes as much as I do. Recently, I got an email from a reader the UK who complimented the site and sent me few pictures of one of his bikes. Liam purchased this time trial bike, a Hotta with Mavic components, from three time hour record holder Chris Boardman. Apparently when Chris was still racing, he sold several of his bikes, including his Corima and the Lotus Hour Record bikes, to local riders. I won’t say what Liam paid for this particular bike that Boardman used in the Commonwealth Games, but it sounds like he and several other local lads got great deals on these fantastic machines.

Liam also mentioned the times that Boardman raced locally. “I did race a few times against Chris in local 10 mile training races. I would do a modest 21mins on a good day and he would do late 18′s on a bad one (he managed a late 17 once)” That’s an average speed in mph near the mid 30’s, pretty fast for a little training ride.

Thanks for the pictures and the background story Liam. Keep riding that bike fast; I think that is what it is used to.

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  1. ants says

    My TT700, frame no 92, is still going strong… great to ride, fast, still turns heads!

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m sitting here nursing my wounds after hittinh a pothole that ripped the forks straight out of the front of the headtube on my tt700. A sad day.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi guys, just thought I’d let you know that I have the famous Tour De France Hotta on my wall! I purchased this one-off Hotta from Chris’s dad a few years back and have restored it to it’s former glory. This is the frame that Chris rode to yellow jersey in Dublin for the prologue then fell off and nearly killed himslelf when he split his head open on the pavement. It has a fixed seat tube/post and that sets it apart from other Hotta’s… photos to come…..

  4. James says

    Hey Anon, I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures of that bike. Send them on in.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi my name is Paul and I ride for Oxford City CC, I have recently bought a Hotta TT700 and rode it for the first time tuesday 10th april 2007 on a 10 mile TT, apart from a little tweaking it was out of this world and has left me proud to be an owner of a hotta

  6. Jim Davis says

    My Hotta is currently posted for sale on ebay. Several buyers have inquired about the frame size, but I can’t remember what it is. My inseam is 32″, and I normally ride a 58cm road frame. Can anyone tell me how Hotta sized their frames, and how I can tell what size mine is?

    Jim Davis
    Athens, GA

  7. Mikael says

    I would be very interested in picking up a size Med (54-57cm) Hotta should anyone have one for sale!

  8. Jim says

    I have a unique Hotta TT700 for sale that was owned by actor comedian Robin Williams, and the frame is signed by him. He is quite a collector and cyclist. I have ridden with him a number of times and become a friend through tha Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF).

    I am 5 Ft-9 In and it is a size too big for me. I bought it to support the LAF, not to ride and have actually never ridden it.

    Minneapolis, MN

  9. Anonymous says

    Have recently got another Hotta…. is having 2 being greedy? lol


  10. Anonymous says

    Hello all,

    Any info on where I can get a replacement rear mech hanger for my Hotta?


    Dave England

  11. Mikael says

    I picked up one over the winter and complete redid – new paint, full carbon accessories and got the weight down to 18bs! This bike rocks!

  12. ACB says

    I Have a Hotta tt700 with Mavic 3G tri spokes and a campag record group set, the bike is in good condition and i want to sell. I have no idea how much it is worth, can anybody help?

  13. ACB says

    HottaTT700 for sale,

    Carbon Monocoque Frame (61cm) , Campagnolo record groupset (42,52), Mavic 3G wheels (tubs), Shimano 105 Brakes, Syntace TT Bars, ITM Handlebar stem (120ml), Sella Italia SLR saddle, 7 speed block.

    Email for pictures or more info:

  14. Nick says

    Hotta for sale


    I have a Hotta TT700 bike for sale. Black, medium size. In excellent condition with no defects.
    I had a health problem 7 years ago and it has been in the loft under wraps since.
    Top rate kit e.g. Virtually new Zipp disc wheel and virtually new corima spoked deep carbon rims. Lots of 9 speed dura ace etc.
    A few top tubs for sale also.
    Never really got the chance to ride it much after build up.

    Sensible offers please. I still remember what I paid for the kit. My wifey still hasnt forgiven me.

  15. Don says

    This one is for sale in the Chicago area. Frame size Large

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