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Old bike patents

Miscellaneous 1 1692

A few months ago, I linked to Bob Shaver’s Patent Pending blog in one of my posts. For those of you who missed it, the bicycle technology section of Bob’s site is definitely worth a second mention. Yesterday, Treehugger wrote about the blog and featured the above pictured full suspension bike from 1890 as well as the 1933 hour record recumbent. Many other really interesting 19th century innovations are featured on the site and are worth a closer look.

Thanks to Philip at Spinopsys for reminding me of the patent pending blog and for pointing me to the Treehugger post.

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  1. benja March 20, 2006 at 8:48 pm -  Reply

    Great post! Great links! Mike Augsburger, of One Off Titanium fame once told me that when it comes to frame design its ALL been done before. In the early days builders didn’t have the same hangups that we do now (like the whole “triangles are strong” thing 😉 ) and they really DID try everything!

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