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Salsa’s thoughts on design

Here is a quote from yesterday’s post on Salsa Cycles’ blog (check out the rest of the blog for some great commentary).

“Industrial design is becoming more important. It used to be that if a product simply worked really well and did what it was supposed to, that’s all that mattered. Now, it also has to have a distinctive and finished look. This is an important part of Salsa’s future and we hope that you’ll see this in our future projects.”

I doubt that anyone is surprised to hear that I agree with this statement. In almost every industry, design is becoming a major differentiator between products that are otherwise functional equivalents. Industrial design is more than just aesthetics; it aims to improve the interaction between users and products. An emphasis on design is a necessity to compete in any industry today, and if exciting new bike designs introduce more people to the world of cycling, it’s a great thing in my book.

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  1. Graham says

    It’s really all about the experience. The blend or intersection of usability and likeability. Crank Brothers is probably the best at this in the cycling industry.

  2. bikefridaywalter says

    i agree..

    but that speed lever thing has GOT to go.

  3. Tim Jackson- Masi Guy says

    I agree; form and function blended into something that provides a pleasing ride that also looks good. That’s pretty much the “Holy Grail” (no Knights who say “nee” though).

    Tim Jackson
    Brand Manager
    Masi Bicycles

  4. James says

    I agree that Crank Brothers is a good example. They seem to be design oriented at every interaction point with their customers. Everything is well done from the logo, web site, and literature to the products themselves.

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