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Robert Egger’s lunch ride bike

I have mentioned Robert Egger, Specialized’s Creative Director, a few times in the past. He has worked at Specialized since 1987, and in that time has created some pretty interesting concept bikes (like the one at the bottom of this post from a 1992 issue of Bicycling Magazine). In their Google + stream, Byron from […]

Design at Specialized and Orbea

I had a nice “unplugged” beach vacation last week, so the blog has been quiet for a while.  While I was enjoying my week offline, I did get a chance to put quite a few more miles on the Tern Verge X10 folding bike that I have been riding for the past couple of months. […]

Porsche concept bike by David Schultz

Not too long ago, I posted a picture from a 20 year old copy of Bicycling Magazine, which featured two industrial designers at Specialized in the early 90s (two of the first in the bike industry). One of those young designers was current Specialized creative director Robert Egger, who I have mentioned on this blog […]

Specialized McLaren Venge

What can I say about the new Specialized S-Works + McLaren Venge that has not already been said? If you opened your web browser at all yesterday, it was hard to miss at least one mention of this new road bike, which Specialized developed in collaboration with the McLaren Group. In the five years since […]

Love Your Bike Portsmouth

I briefly mentioned Love Your Bike Portsmouth in a post last month. The event, which will take place in Southsea, Portsmouth, UK on May 30th, will feature “workshops, bike demo’s, bike polo, marketstalls, bike artwork, bike safety and a showcase bike arena.” For now, the organizers have taken over a store window display with a […]

2010 Sea Otter Classic and more

The Sea Otter Classic wrapped up yesterday in Monterey, California. Richard from Cyclelicious was there, and he posted quite a few pictures from the event, including this shot of a custom chopper concept bike by Specialized Design Director Robert Egger. For more shots of bikes at Sea Otter, check out the coverage and Bike […]

Joules, the electric stoker

I talked a bit about electric bikes in my last post, so today I will share a different take on that subject. Meet Joules, the stoker on Carl’s home built electric tandem. Carl challenged himself by asking, “Could I build an electric tandem based on actually pumping the pedals?” The result is a design that […]

Eurobike and nouveau penny-farthings

Believe it or not, show season 2009 is already underway with Eurobike taking place this week in Friedrichshafen, Germany. CyclingNews already has several tech articles from the show online (here, here, and here). It is probably no surprise that super light bikes and components and smarter electronic gadgets will be big at the show this […]

Specialized concept bikes

I ran across this Specialized Globe hybrid concept bike on an EcoVelo post. The picture came from the Flickr photostream of Hugo Cardoso, who apparently recently toured the factory. The hybrid Globe concept is interesting with its nicely integrated panniers, but as commenters to the Eco Velo post pointed out, seat adjustment would be an […]

A bit more from Sea Otter and a couple design jobs

Yesterday, I noticed this picture of an interesting Specialized Globe electric bike prototype on Bike Commuters. I have seen similar details on a few of Specialized’s previous concept bikes, so I am guessing that Robert Egger was the designer behind this one as well (correct me if I’m wrong). Anyway, Check out the Bike Commuters […]

Specialized Bicycles podcast

I have mentioned Specialized a few times in this blog, so it is probably no surprise to most of you that I am a fan of their products. I currently ride a Specialized S-works E5 road bike (pictured here) and I own several other products from the company. I refuse to part with my old […]