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Graeme Obree’s new improved Beastie

Last year, I posted about Graeme Obree’s plans to attempt the human-powered land speed record in a prone position HPV of his own design.  After his test run at Machrihanish airport in Scotland last year, the record attempt was delayed due to issues with the fairing on “the Beastie.” Now, Obree is back and ready […]

Graeme Obree’s first test run in “the Beastie”

A few months ago, I mentioned Graeme Obree’s plan to attempt the human-powered land speed record in a machine of his own design. In September, his prone position HPV was not ready for the World Human Powered Speed Challenge at Battle Mountain, Nevada as originally planned, but Obree has continued work on the design with […]

Is TJ Tollakson the Graeme Obree of triathlon?

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the sport of triathlon, but I was very interested to see the bike setup of pro triathlete (and engineer) TJ Tollakson. A reader, Phil, sent me a link to a post about Tollakson’s recent win at Ironman Lake Placid using a 1996 Zipp beam frame bike for the cycling […]

2013- The year in review at

In keeping with the tradition started in 2009, it is time for a year end recap of activity here at Bicycle Design.  For the first time since I started the blog eight years ago, readership was down a bit from the previous year (the blog had just 953,053 pageviews in 2013, compared to 1,236,847 in […]

Two interesting bike documentaries in the works- The Outsider and Bicycle

If you are interested in bicycle design and innovation (and if you are reading this blog, most likely you are), there are two documentaries coming soon that you will definitely want to see.  First is ‘The Outsider : Graeme Obree’s story, in his own words’ by David Street of Journey Pictures, a project that  was […]

The 2013 World Human Powered Speed Challenge

This week, I have been occasionally checking the results of the 2013 World Human Powered Speed Challenge taking place for the 14th consecutive year on SR305 outside of Battle Mountain, Nevada. This is always a very interesting event to follow, and I am glad that Graeme Obree’s participation is bringing it a bit of extra […]

2012- The year in review at

Another year has come to a close, and that means that it’s time for the annual recap post for this blog. Compared to 2011, traffic was up slightly with 1,236,847 page views in 2012.  About 30% of the visitors in the past year came from the United States (where this blog is based). The United […]

A practical velomobile…and really fast ones too

It seems like I have been hearing more and more from companies making velomobiles lately, and that is a trend that I hope to see continue. I am definitely not an expert on the subject of HPVs or velomobiles, but the Challenger from UK based Ocean Cycles is a pedal powered machine that immediately caught […]

Are beam frames making a comeback?

My post from last year about pro triathlete TJ Tollakson’s 1996 Zipp bike is still generating a fair bit of traffic here at Bicycle Design, so I assume there must be some renewed interest in beam frames.  If the reaction to Graeme Pearson’s Z1-Eleven frame design on the Slowtwitch forum is any indication, there is […]

InCog multi-tool and more

InCOG is an “out of sight” multi-tool that was created by Industrial designer Joshua Brassé, Founder and CEO of Ideacious. The tool fits neatly inside the bike’s handlebar, and is flexible so that it works with standard drop bars as well as various other bends. The exposed end-cap is designed with a recessed star pattern, […]

Cervelo P5- rules are meant to be broken…or at least bent

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have a weakness for time trial bikes. Like almost every new time trial machine, the new Cervelo P5 looks fast… even sitting still (and I am sure that it is a very fast bike with the right motor). What’s different about […]

2011 recap for Bicycle Design

I finally had a chance to review this site’s stats from 2011, so it’s time for another year end recap post. Continuing the trend from 2009 and 2010, Bicycle Design’s traffic seems to be growing slightly. Google Analytics reports just over a million total pageviews (1,138,282) for the blog during 2011 from 191 different countries. […]

Catching up with links

I’m still very busy getting caught up in the office after a couple of weeks in Asia, but I have a backlog of interesting links that I want to pass along.  Some of these probably deserve a bit more detail than I can give them today, but time is limited…so here comes another rapidfire links […]

More Eurobike goodness

The winners of this year’s Eurobike Awards, organized by iF design, have been announced, and it’s not surprising that e-bikes and utilitarian designs are well represented.  Read more about the 10 gold winners, and the 1 green winner at designboom. VeloNews has been posting photos from the show, not surprisingly with a focus on road […]

Urban concept bikes, a watch, and an e-velomobile

I am busy working in China this week, so I haven’t had the chance to post anything on the blog. I do want to quickly pass a long a couple of interesting things before I get started today though. Jukka Kalliomäki is an industrial design graduate student at Lund University in Sweden. His thesis project […]

Batavus BUB review

You may remember that the Batavus Urban Bike (BUB) was one of the new designs that really caught my attention at Interbike. Soon after the show, I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out one of the prototypes for a few weeks. Before I get into my thoughts about the time I […]

Reinventing the UCI

In case anyone has not picked up on it, I am not a big fan of the UCI’s restrictions on the bicycles used by professional cyclists. The evolution of road and track bicycle design was accelerated in the 90’s when Graeme Obree and Chris Boardman were trading the hour record back and forth. So what […]