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Velomobile speedforms and more

Eric Stoddard of Speed Studio Design recently posted some nice velomobile sketches on his blog. One of his sketches is featured here, but follow the link to see the other two. Eric is an automotive and product designer based in Seoul, Korea, so that makes a perfect segueway into the next topic I want to […]

City Cycle concept bike

I am back from a short family vacation, so I am extra busy today trying to catch up on some work. I want to quickly passing along a reader submitted design before the weekend, but first I will point you to Eric Stoddard’s commentary on Mark Sanders’ presentation at the Bicycle Design Trend Forum, which […]

Photos from the 2010 Taipei Cycle Show

I mentioned the winners of the International Bicycle Design Competition in my post last Thursday. I couldn’t find many good photos of the finalists online at the time, but that has changed in the last few days. Eric Stoddard is now home from the show, and has posted many photos from Taipei to his Flickr […]

2010 IBDC Award winners

The Taipei Cycle Show kicked off yesterday, and with it the winners of the 2010 International Bicycle Design Awards (IBDC) were announced. Taiwanese designer Hsi Huang took the grand prize for his “Shopping Bike”, which folds to transform into a shopping cart. Eric Stoddard, who had an entry in the competition and will be sharing […]

A hubless wheel from the past: The Black Hole

As I mentioned in a recent post, hubless wheel concept bikes have been appearing on the web in droves lately.  Fast Company recently featured a few of those recent concept bikes (and one really old one) in their “Almost Genius” category, reserved for designs that don’t quite work. On the Core77 discussion boards, slippyfish recently […]

IBDC entries and a few other links

I am in China this week and next. My schedule is pretty tight, so I won’t have a lot of free time for the blog while I am traveling. Right now though, it is the middle of the night and I am still not adjusted to this time zone, so I will pass a long […]

Zoomla folding bike

Many of you will recognize the name Eric Stoddard. He is the guy who recently wrote three excellent guest posts here at Bicycle Design about his impressions of the Taipei Bicycle Show. Eric has an interesting new design that he just added to his website. It is a small-wheeled, lever-driven folding bike called the Zoomla. […]

Taipei Cycle Show Part 2…

Note from James: This is Eric’s 3rd and final guest post about Taipei Cycle 2009. I greatly appreciate his willingness to share his thoughts and observations from the show with all of you over the last few days. Now on to Eric’s post: The bicycles that seemed to have the most variety were what I […]

From the show floor of the Taipei Cycle show….

Note from James: In the last post, I introduced Eric Stoddard who shared some of his commentary from the IBDC awards. In this post, he is back with more thoughts and observations from the show floor in Taipei: We’ve been talking quite a bit about the Blue Ocean of potential cyclists that Mark Sanders described […]

International Bicycle Design Competiton

Eric Stoddard is a talented automotive and product designer (you can see examples of his work on his website, SpeedStudioDesign). He attended the Taipei Cycle show last week and I asked him if he could provide a bit of commentary for Bicycle Design readers. I think that as an avid bicyclist with a background as […]