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FrenchBuilt 22 concept bike by Ben Goudout (update)

Concept 6 8401

Last fall, I began a post about the FrenchBuilt 22 Triathlon concept bike by saying, every once and a while, a design on Pinterest catches my attention and I want to find out more about it.” Thanks to Ben Goudout, the designer of that bike, I recently did find out a bit more… and received additional images of the prototype that was presented at the Paris bike show a couple years ago.

As mentioned in the first post, the bike was designed for RCD Small Dots in 2013 and a 3D printed prototype was displayed at the show later that year. You can see additional images of the prototype below, as well as a couple of Goudout’s design renderings (at the very bottom of this post).

Also be sure to visit his website and Coroflot page to see his additional work, including the Peugeot EDL 132 concept bike. Nice work! I’ll look forward to seeing more from Goudout soon.

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  1. Chris April 21, 2015 at 11:26 pm -  Reply

    In your original 2014 post it describe a little on the rods and you have quoted, “Carbon fiber structure frame reinforced with titanium tubes and a matrix of rapid prototyping random tubes”

    Carbon fiber… check.
    Titanium tubes… check – looks fantastic but not sure how necessary or effective it is
    Rapid Prototyping Random Tubes…. umm.

    On the later, it appears to be about the structure near the bottom bracket and the back of the front forks. (and I see behind the seat tube). This is very much blue sky, but not the first one to look into an exoskeleton format. Rear Derailleur looks cool.

  2. Danny April 23, 2015 at 5:39 am -  Reply

    Wow. The finished prototype looks even better than the designs for once!

    Lots of these futuristic looking carbon shapes ditch the seat tube in one way or other – How long before these shapes enter mainstream manufacturing? Or will there need to be rule changes at the top level of the sport before we see them filtering down?

  3. Dan Abramson May 19, 2015 at 5:42 pm -  Reply

    I hired Ben (for the last three years before his world adventure!) to do what I wanted as the ultimate bike and we developed a complete virtual catalog of the Frenchbuilt name. The concept was just do do construction in three layers like showing below the skin in your arm. We do lots of rapid prototype work and this opens up possibilities for printing complex structures such as the tubes and connecting tubes. Random structures are being studied (check Autodesk/Alias) etc. The brief was easy, “just do lots of tubes” Thats enough for this type of project. Since we work with Peugeot (Bikes, Scooters, Cars) it was or way to get the French bike industry interested and find other clients who could use our design services. The component industry was not even slightly interested except Mavic (good guys) and Peugeot we know well and was with us anyway. The proto cost roughly 70,000$ and involved 5 digital modellers, a 3D printer, and me as the welder and builder of the bike. The seat prototype is sitting with the son of the old Ideale bicycle seat company family here in France. The bike is in our Paris branch office. We got two production projects from the Paris show. The making of video is found: Here you will find the making of plus other stuff and other bikes in the design demoreel. Ben is a good guy and each time we have a bike project he gets the part. He is the best I know.

    Thanks, Dan Abramson

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