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Bikes on Behance and a little show in Vegas

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Time trial bike concept rendering by Lachezar Ivanov

Lachezar Ivanov is a Bulgarian designer with a few interesting bike sketches and renderings in his portfolio. I just happened to run across his design for a time trial bike (alternate version here) while I was browsing product galleries on Behance. He also has an e-bike frame design that you can see on his Behance page or on his blog.

Also on Behance today, I noticed Brazilian designer Raphael Crespo’s Mazda concept bike rendering (with a pretty extreme seat to bar drop).


BOLA folding helmet renderings by Nicolas Figueras

There is a design for a foldable helmet in the Behance portfolio of Nicolas Figueras, a product designer from Barcelona Spain. The concept is interesting, but the final design appears to offer minimal protection (compared to other folding helmets I have seen). For some reason, the BOLA reminds me a little of the Cinelli “hairnet” helmet that I wore in the late 80’s.  That one folded pretty well too, but I am glad I never had to test its ability to protect my head in a crash.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that Interbike is underway this week in Las Vegas. I am not there, and honestly, I haven’t really been following it closely this year, but you can check the usual places for coverage and show photos-  the tech pages at VeloNews, Bike Radar (where you will find an article about the Mando Footloose IM), and  Slowtwitch also has good show coverage (obviously with a bias toward triathlon/TT bikes) and for a slightly different perspective I encourage you to check out the galleries at The Radivist and Urban Velo (both featuring much better photography that you will see on the average bike site).

As I said, I haven’t been following the show very closely, but I did hear one bit of news that I am pretty excited about…the return of Chris Chance and Fat Chance Bicycles. I was a big fan of Fat City Cycles in the late 80s/ early 90s, and I can’t wait to see what version 2.0 brings. Welcome back, Chris…and Yo Eddy.


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