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Primavera and Bike Art in Greece

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Soon after I posted Dimitris Niavis’ electric trike concept last week, I noticed a couple of other email submissions from Greece that were sent at roughly the same time. Either it’s a coincidence that all three messages arrived at once, or bikes are a really popular subject with Greek artists and designers at the moment. I’ll just assume the latter.

Vasileios-Zygouris-balance-bikeVasileios Zygouris presented a handmade prototype of his latest balance bike concept, Primavera, at the Greek Design = Good Design Exhibition late last year. Despite the name, this was not his first balance bike design.  His predecessor to Primavera, created in 2012, featured a colorful/patterned main frame with light wood details.  Check out the other projects on his website while you are there… including a couple of additional bike related ones.

Bike-art-EXHIBIT (1)I mentioned the book Bike Art- bicycles in art around the world by Kiriakos Iosifidis in a past post.  A second volume in the series is due out at some point, but until then Kiriakos is continuing to promote the work of bike artists and designers from Greece and beyond with shows, seminars, and exhibitions. The latest BikeArt exhibition is taking place now as part of Thessaloniki 2014 European Youth Capital City. See a few more images from the event below, and follow the Facebook page to stay up to date on all of their events.

Bike-art-EXHIBIT (2)


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