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Design at Specialized and Orbea

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I had a nice “unplugged” beach vacation last week, so the blog has been quiet for a while.  While I was enjoying my week offline, I did get a chance to put quite a few more miles on the Tern Verge X10 folding bike that I have been riding for the past couple of months. It is time for me to begrudgingly send that bike back to Tern, so look for a full review here soon.

Today, I just want to share a couple of bike design related videos that have been brought to my attention lately.  I have mentioned Specialized Creative Director Robert Egger quite a few times in past posts, but I missed this short documentary about him and his concept bikes until now. It is an interesting and funny glimpse into his creative process. Nice job with the video Steve Olpin!

Orbea-Ordu-III-1Ronan Bariou, a designer for Orbea, recently had his Ordu III design featured as a transportation category runner up in the 2013 Core77 Design Awards (I am not sure anyone actually uses time trial bikes for transportation, but that is beside the point).  There is a video that discusses the design a bit, but be sure to download the full 47 page pdf for a detailed look into the development process. You can also check out Ronan’s Behance page to see more of his design work for Orbea.

Orbea-Ordu-III-2Oh yeah…back to the Core77 Transportation category awards. The winner was an electric scooter and a few of the notable entries were bicycles.  You can see all of the designs selected by the jury here.

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