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Velomobiles from Piximatic and GeoSpace

Concept, HPV / Recumbent 0 5174

ultima-velomobileIt has been several years since I mentioned Christophe Sarrazin’s velomobile designs.  Since that 2009 post though, his website has evolved quite a bit. The site is more than just a source for news about velomobile design. To encourage others to get involved with velomobile construction projects, Christophe offers free downloads of many of his 3D concept models. The files (.fbx, .obj, and .stl formats) are free to use for non-profit and commercial purposes. He just asks that you credit the source,


Another velomobile project is the FireFly, by GeoSpace Studio (pictured below). The shell of the FireFly connects to the front of a recumbent trike to create an “all weather, self-illuminated, human powered vehicle.”  Check out the website for additional pictures and information, and be sure to watch the video of the Firefly in use at night.



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