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Catching up again

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  1. Mark Sanders October 5, 2012 at 11:22 am -  Reply

    Thanks for the links !

    fascinating spec.s for Craig Cornelius’ human-powered commuter vehicle …
    1. Weather Protection
    2. Statically Stable
    3. Reasonable Cruise Speed
    4. Cargo Carrying Capacity
    5. No Wider than a Bicycle
    6. Same Height as an Auto
    7. Comfortable posture and ease of entry
    8. Two-wheel drive
    9. Car-type Wheels
    10. Electric Assist for Hills

    Reminds me of the Bicycle Design Commuter bike design contest.
    I agree …. Weather is a major objection to everyday cycling –
    ( I even say .. Bicycle designers’ final frontier ? – How to beat the rain ? 🙂 … the guardian recently showed some traditional solutions –
    (and, as ever, Netherlands leads the way 🙂 …

    Good luck Craig, you may well be surfing along the front of a wave.

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