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A bit more from Eurobike 2012

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  1. Carabo says

    “…and motor integrated into the frame”

    They all have wheel motors ;)

    • James Thomas says

      Oops! That is what happens when I try to write a post in 30 minutes. I should have just said battery integrated into the frame. Thanks… I’ll make the correction.

  2. John Porrit says

    “for those of us who could make it to Friedrichshafen in person!”

    I think you mean “who COULDN’T make it”…

    • James Thomas says

      …and another correction for this post. Thanks, I’ll fix that one too.

  3. botchjob says

    reflector and light are not “redundant”. maybe in function, but not in legal aspects. bikes in germany have to be equipped with both things.

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