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Anti-theft bike lights

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  1. Jamey says

    Approx $100 (US) per light–and they’re not even rechargeable. It takes me all of 5 sec to put on or take off my front and rear Blackburn Flea blinkers. Total cost: $29.

    BlinkSteady are lovely, but represent nothing so much as the triumph of style over substance.

    • Nick F says

      BlinkSteady are lovely, but represent nothing so much as the triumph of style over substance.

      A first in the cycling world, for sure. Priced out a Pinarello or Vanilla lately?

      Don’t worry, I’m sure Blackburn will have a cheaper, dorkier knockoff in a year or two.

    • Tomb says

      Maybe u should read their Homepage first….

      Two Screws, two Batteries.. :)

  2. Bubba Nicholson says

    stick on LED lights would be cheaper, lighter, more aerodynamic, and useless if stolen.

  3. art says

    1) The big, flat top of this thing is just begging for solar recharg.
    2) What about a white light version integrated into a headset spacer?

    • James Thomas says

      I like that 2nd idea, Art. That would be a clean look…and definitely theft resistant.

  4. TimJ says

    Indeed these are way too expensive. Our little lights, which pop on and off in a few seconds, cost €5 per set. They are only for “being seen”, but heck, I could by 20 sets for this price!

  5. SteveP says

    Anything attached to a seatpost just makes that more attractive to streal. If you take the post/seat with you, any light is fine. A small, cheap LED that screws to a seat stay is the best solution. If cheap (under $10) no pro will bother stealing it and the screws (could be hex or Torx) will put off the kids that just take stuff ’cause they can.

  6. Jason Wang says

    The cheapest bicycle light is a $1 LED aluminum pocket flashlight available from many discount stores. Attach it to your handlebar or rear seatpost with a wide rubber band looped around the front and back of the flashlight. That’s it. It is as visible as more expensive lights, can be removed simply by pulling off the rubber band, and is cheap enough to replace if stolen.

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