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Three student design projects

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  1. Adam S says

    so good to see three student design projects and not a single one has a hubless wheel! there’s hope!

  2. TimJ says

    These are really excellent designs. I think it is from design students that some of the best ideas will come. Some years ago I saw a prototype from a student at TU Delft, a small wheeled single speed bike that use its own (removable) handlebars as a lock. he bike showed up in Giant’s line a year or so later.

  3. art says

    Someone’s in for a very painful and expensive lesson in grain anisotropy.

    • TimJ says

      Art, you’ve titillated us all with your “grain anisotropy” reference. Don’t leave us guessing , please your concerns that one or more of these designs “goes against the grain” (so to speak).

  4. juan says

    Nice origami concept but I wonder how would sheet metal be bent like that. Cardboard is not metal, and ups! we have gravity in this planet. Anyway nice for a portfolio!

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