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Velocity and Anytime e-bikes by Larry Chen

In response to my post yesterday about the 16th IBDC winners, Gold Award winner Larry Chen contacted me with more information about his Velocity design.

He points out that “Velocity” concept is very similar to his “Anytime” folding e-bike design, which won a Silver award in the 13th IBDC. With the newer design, he hid the power system in the frame in order to keep the appearance clean and smooth, but otherwise the drivetrain concepts are the same.

You can see his presentation boards, with additional images and descriptions, for both Velocity and Anytime below.

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4 Responses

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  1. Erik says

    The AnyTime seems a much more usable and practical city bike. Both are striking and demonstrate lots of thought but the AnyTime hits more of the usability buttons for me! But then, I’m not looking for a city bike, I’m a mountain biker!

  2. ferran says

    Hi. Im really interested in anytime bike. Is it already available to buy,? At what price??? Im from barcelona.

  3. antonino quartuccio says

    AnyTime è molto bella. dove si può comprarla o vederla?

  4. Don Ng says

    Where can buy the Anytime folding bike?
    Pls advice..

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