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Asian bike manufacturing and assorted links

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  1. Matt says

    In answer to your question… BSNYC calls those little planters “horticultural hipster cysts.” And… yeah, I don’t understand them either.

    The Defender light looks pretty cool, but I feel like it’s a lot of money for a “be seen” light. I’d like to see a comparison with some popular “be seen” lights.

  2. Johann Rissik says

    “The Defender, a revolver barrel styled lockable bike light” To me it looks more like the cylinder of a revolver.
    It’s actually quite easily removed from the bike with a Torx security key. And yes, it’s pricey.

    Astounding statistic, the 100 million e-bikes in China.

  3. Loving the Bike says

    Thanks for plugging our contest, James…..and I’m excited about helping out with #VeloThursday today.


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