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The Sprinter by Jesse Meyer- via

SRAM’s pART PROJECT is a great idea to benefit a very worthy cause. As the SRAM website succinctly explains; “Artists transform bike parts into art. The art is auctioned off. The proceeds help people in need through World Bicycle Relief.” Well known artists were picked by Milwaukee based artist Terrence Coffman and SRAM Marketing Chief David Zimberoff. Each participating artist was given a box of 100 parts from SRAM, and challenged to make something from it.  You can see all of the resulting sculptures on the pART PROJECT page…and you will soon have an opportunity to bid on one if you are interested.

Moving Constellations by Carolina Sardi- via

On Wednesday, November 30th at 6:00 pm CST, a gala pART PROJECT exhibition and auction will be held at Gallery 1028 in Chicago. The cost to get in the door will be $134, the exact amount needed for World Bicycle Relief to donate one bicycle that will change a life.

You can see three of the art pieces in this post, but you should check out SRAM’s website and find out more about each of them. If you are in Chicago, I encourage you to attend the event as well. It sounds like a fun night…and World Bicycle Relief is definitely a cause worth supporting.

Design for a Planet by Mark Castator- via

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  1. Androo says

    ‘The Sprinter’ is a pretty captivating piece, and really inventive. The others, not so much…

    • Androo says

      (The others displayed in the post, I should add)

  2. Ross Nicholson says

    Yes, well, it’s Andrew, isn’t it?

  3. Ron says

    Did they drill extra holes in the components to mount the sprinter pieces? Yes, really striking.

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