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PumpTire- a self inflating bicycle tire

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  1. Johann Rissik says

    OK, so the video’s a bit vague on detail. If I ride my semi-flat tyre on a wet road will it get pumped half full of water? I must admit that I am intrigued to see how the non-return valves on the tread surface will work. Once it get’s to the pre-set pressure, does it blow off every few minutes like a truck with air brakes?
    I personally have no problem pumping my tyres with a handpump or a track pump, it’s the only upper body exercise I get ;)

    • PumpTire says

      There is a filter in the pumping mechanism that prevents any moisture from entering the tire.

  2. genewitch says

    Johann: I bet that’s at least … half … false.

  3. Mike says

    This may be the most fredtastic thing ever invented.

  4. art says

    Right now, the sticking point is that they only think they can make the lumen reasonably wear and puncture resistant. I can’t see how this could possibly last more than a hundred miles of urban commuting.

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