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Bicycle Design on Bike Radar

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If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the piece about that appeared on Bike Radar last Friday. I think Matt Pacocha, the US Editor of UK based Bike Radar, did a great job profiling this blog in their “Website of the Week” feature. Previous websites of the week include Red Kite Prayer and Mud and Cowbells, so I felt honored to have Bicycle Design included in such great company.

I definitely noticed a spike in traffic over the weekend, so I want to welcome those of you who just discovered this site from the Bike Radar feature. I hope that many of you will stick around and join the ongoing conversation here about bikes and design. In addition to subscribing to the RSS feed, you can follow Bicycle Design on Twitter or like the Facebook page to be informed of the latest posts.

…and of course, thanks to those of you have been reading and commenting for a while. As I said in the article,  it really is true that “interaction with readers is what keeps me interested in the blog.”

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