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The 2 fastest bikes in the U.S.

I wasn’t sure about the order, but before the USA Cycling Pro Championship time trial started this morning, I had a pretty good idea who would end up on the top two steps of the podium. I knew it was going to be a great race, and it certainly didn’t disappoint with Taylor Phinney edging out Levi Leipheimer to win the Stars and Stripes jersey by less than a second. You can read more about the race elsewhere, but I want to share a few of my shots of the two bikes that were fastest today.

Below, you can see Taylor Phinney’s race winning Trek Livestrong Equinox TTX

The second fastest bike today was another Trek, this one belonging to Radio Shack’s Levi Leipheimer.

I have many more pictures from the time trial to post soon…and I’ll have photos from the road race tomorrow.  Look for those in my Flickr stream soon.

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  1. Nick says

    Why would Levi be on the new Speed Concept but TP still on the old TTX? Just personal preference?

    • James T says

      Both Ben King and Taylor Phinney were on TTX’s Saturday, so that seems to be the TT bike of choice for the Trek Livestrong U23 team. On Sunday for the road race, both of those guys were on SRAM Red equipped Madones just like the Radio Shack riders.

  2. Ross Nicholson says

    I can beat them both easily in my Quest Velomobile.

  3. Dwight says

    That’s a nice looking bike, but this is much faster:

  4. James T says

    Ross and Dwight, I had a feeling this (admittedly misleading) post title might be challenged by the HPV crowd. You are right, there is no upright bike in the world that is as fast on flat ground as a full fairing recumbent. On a hilly terrain with a lot of sharp turns like the US Pro TT course though, I am not so sure a velomobile would be faster. It is a race I would love to see though.

    • Ross Nicholson says

      Anytime, anywhere.

    • Zyzzyx says

      Yeah, us HPV folks can sense a title like this.

      Its especially fun to read it with a smirk when the HPV record runs were being held at Battle Mt, Nevada, this last week. I didn’t follow it closely, but I think Sam saw 81mph, while Barbara managed 76mph. Not too shabby.

      But I’ll admit (as another Quest owner) that yeah… depending on the hills and the course, a ‘regular’ bike can definitely be faster. Horses for courses…

      • James T says

        81 and 76 mph, huh? Not too shabby indeed!

        I briefly mentioned the speed records set at Battle Mountain last year, but I didn’t realize it was that time again (I’m definitely not as plugged into the HPV scene as I should be). Can you point me toward the best place to see pictures from the record run held this weekend? I’d really love to see some of the different vehicles.

  5. Tom says

    Great Pics James! The Speed Concept is pretty new on the scene, although it’s been chatted up pretty heavily on sites like Slowtwitch over the past season. I understand the SC to be Trek’s first serious stab at the tri market, versus the TTX being a TT bike that triathletes use. That said, the white papers for the SC make it out to be the fastest of the two, and the windtunnel doesn’t discern between a TT or one leg of a tri. I’m wondering how much of it is due to a difference in the rider’s physique (I couldn’t even find a TTX that would fit me, whereas an SC seems to cater to my build) or the HEFTY price tag the SC 9.9 carries right now? Either way, still love the pics!

    • James T says

      Thanks Tom. It’s interesting to hear about the wind tunnel results for the two different bikes. I haven’t seen those comparisons, but the Speed Concept certainly looks like the faster of the two.

      Rider physique may have been a factor in the different bike choices, but I suspect the price difference has a lot to do with it as well. Even though they are producing some amazing race results, Trek-Livestrong is still a development team after all. The two Trek-Livestrong riders in the TT, Taylor Phinney and Ben King, were both riding TTX’s. Radio Shack also had two riders on Saturday, Leipheimer and Matthew Busche, and both of them were set up with Speed Concepts. Whatever the reason for the different bike choices though, Phinney showed everyone that it’s the legs that really matter.

  6. DHStechnology says

    Junk to whats comming

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